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Jamie Servin
Satisfied Patient
“Highly recommend this office! I had never been seen by a chiropractor before and was nervous, however Dr. Shirley put me right at ease, I have been seeing her during my pregnancy I am now 32 weeks and can’t imagine doing pregnancy without her! She also is trained in acupuncture and that has also been extremely helpful and given me almost immediate relief. The ladies at the front desk are also very accommodating and professional! So glad I found Dr. Shirley!!”
Dayna Stroik
Satisfied Patient
“We love Pathways! Dr. B is the only chiropractor I’ll trust with my kids and my son started seeing him at just a couple weeks old. We can tell that getting adjusted makes a world of difference for our little guy and Dr. B is trustworthy, straightforward and helpful. My husband and I have also gotten care from Dr. B and have always had a great experience!”
Danielle Warren
Satisfied Patient
“I love it here because they are so family oriented and friendly. They always greet you at the door by name whether you going there on a regular or like me who comes in 2 times a year. They always offer snacks or water. They talk to you like you are family. This is an amazing place to go.”
Kathleen M.
Satisfied Patient
“I used to get headaches 5-7 days a week. After my first visit to Dr. Barnett, I didn’t have a headache for 9 days! I’ve gone from seeing him 3 times a week to now once every other week and rarely get headaches anymore. The whole team at Pathways is professional, friendly, and extremely knowledgeable in what they do.”
Brittney S.
Satisfied Patient

“My body wasn’t feeling 100% for a few days. I finally went in to be adjusted by Dr. B. He always takes the time to listen to me and give advice. After being adjusted that day I felt great the next day. It made such a difference. Glad I have someone I can trust.”

Frank M.
Satisfied Patient
“My family told me about Dr. Barnett and I should think about flying to Minneapolis so I got a ticket and flew from Las Vegas to see what he would say. But it’s not what he said but what he did and now I am walking better than I have in 7 months and my pain level is daily no more the 5/6. Pain-pills I have taken one (1) in 4 days not bad right Still sore – and will be but we found I have some scoliosis which no one has picked up in 10 months through x-rays. It’s just around the L4 this the extra pain I have been in daily. I will need treatment when I get home from my chiropractor which no one ever told me to see by the way-but haven’t felt this good in months and I am walking tall and straighter now than I have in months. Thanks, Dr. Kenneth R. Barnett”
Deb M.
Satisfied Patient
“Dr. Kenny has been my chiropractor for 16 years I remember the first time he and doctor Clark had to carry me in the pain was so bad He got me on my feet and back to work in just under 6 weeks This is just one of the many times going in I work for FEDEX so the back and shoulder neck injuries are key to having a great chiropractor like Kenny Lately I have been experiencing migraines due to stress of Covid , work, aggravating old injuries of my shoulder and neck He has been able to get me in right away to help with these I am thankful Dr. Kenny’s approach is not just focusing on the part of the body that is injured But the body as a whole working unit If the body is not in alignment how can the injury or body part heal properly He treatments are the reality of health care Reducing unnecessary medications and increasing a healthy body thru Chiro care , exercise and healthier lifestyle Thanks Deborah Menke Ps I will be 60 and would like continue being active especially when I am approaching retirement”